Today I purchased your brand of corn chips for the first time; they were the best corn chips I have EVER tasted!  

Crisp, thin, lightly salted, gorgeous colour - tastes like 'More Please!' 

I hope you keep making these and shipping them up to Vince's in Tottenham, Ontario, Canada.


Great flavor, great crunch, perfect thickness, and just the right size chip. This is better than anything I've purchased from a grocery store before. Shipping was quick and the chips were well protected in the box.

Aaron B.

Great salsa! Use as a cooking ingredient or for snacking with tortilla chips. Great with egg dishes. And add to any other dish you might want to "perk up" as a "secret ingredient". Been buying on a regular basis for a number of years now, and the product (taste, quality) is consistent. Thank you! :)


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Worried about sodium? No problem. Xochitl’s Totopos de Maíz (Corn Chips) No Salt are the perfect alternative for sodium-conscious snackers. Satisfy your craving for thin & crispy chips while leaving the salt behind!



Picositos Con Limon

We’ve already done all the work for you, no need to add your spice and citrus. Xochitl’s Picositos con Limon Corn Chips are ready to devour, true Mexican style! Pairs great with a cold beer.



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Our USDA Certified Organic Blue Corn Chips are oven-baked and quick fried to be extra crisp. These chips are the lightest, thin and crispy corn chips on the market.